Friday, September 8, 2017

Episode #108 - Cruise Lines Prepare For Hurricane Irma

Welcome to episode #108!

We took some time to look at and discuss how the cruise lines have responded to Hurricane Harvey and how they are preparing for Hurricane Irma - and possibly Jose and Katia. Overall, we think that all of the cruise lines are taking every precaution available. It appears that they have communicated well with their guests and safety is the number one priority. 

In the short term, the cruise lines will take a financial hit because it will take awhile to reopen the ports, airports, etc. There is no way at this time to know how much damage these hurricanes might bring to the infrastructure of Florida and how long it will take to repair. 

However, we think that the cruise lines will rebound over time because they put the safety of their guests first.

Here are the stories and links that we mentioned in the show:

USA Today

Cruise Cancellations and Changes

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