Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Episode #154 - A Panoramic View: Carnival Panorama, Part 3

Welcome to episode #154!

A part 3? What else could there be more to talk and share about the Carnival Panorama? Embarkation and the staterooms, suites and more! 

Plus we have a interview with the Hotel Director and bonus interview with the high octane Cruise Director, Emma Nixon. 

We had a lot of fun discussing this new ship and her onboard experiences. Please feel free to share with us your thoughts, photos and videos with us. 

Tommy and his family will sure be sailing on the Carnival Panorama in near future, or maybe we should try to put together a group cruise. Let us know your thoughts about that!

Enjoy the show!

Tommy & Scott

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Keep On Cruising!

Tommy & Scott 

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