Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode #34 - Seaside Scuttle: Listener Voicemails, Update on our “Cruise With The Dudes” Cruise and a Mini Interview with Gavin MacLeod!

Welcome to Episode #34!

Wow, have we got a big show for you today!

This past Sunday at the Los Angeles Festival of Books, we had the awesome opportunity to meet and speak with Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Merrill Stubing on the famous TV series, The Love Boat. This show introduced us to the world of cruise ship vacations and it catapulted the Princess Cruises business into the stratosphere. The weekly TV show lasted for 9 seasons and is currently still in syndication in 125 countries. And if you are sailing on a Princess Cruises ship, you can watch the show on a exclusive TV channel in your cabin. Gavin is currently the Princess Ambassador for Princess Cruises and was recently honored as the "Godparent" of their newest ship, the Regal Princess.

Gavin has written about his amazing life and acting career in his new book, "This Is Your Captain Speaking". His journey from Broadway to Hollywood to sailing with Princess Cruises is filled with great stories and encounters with celebrities, politicians, as well as a spiritual rebirth. Gavin graciously gives God the credit for everything bestowed upon his life and family.

Scott and I hope you enjoy this mini interview with Gavin and we hope in the future to speak with him again. He was such a gracious gentleman and we thank Princess Cruises for their help in making this arrangement happen on such a short notice. 

We have an autographed copy of Gavin MacLeod's new book that we are going to give away for free on our next show! All you need to do is email us at: thecruisedudes@gmail.com and put in the subject line, "Book Contest" and we will put your name into the hat for the drawing that will be done live on episode #35.

You can also buy "This Is Your Captain Speaking" from our Amazon affiliate link here:

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Happy Cruising! - Tommy & Scott

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