Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Episode #54 - Accommodations & Features on the Ruby Princess

Welcome to episode #54!

First off, we have announcement. We are going to release shows now on a weekly basis!

The format of the shows will be slightly different. Every other week we are going to release a show dedicated only to cruise news, cruise chit chat, theme cruise of the week show, listener questions, etc. On opposite weeks, we will dive right into a cruise related topic, interview, or a cruise trip experience report (like this one!) Now, sometimes, we might have a few weeks in a row with a couple of shows that are back to back cruise topical, or cruise news. And on top of that, we might drop a bonus show here or there. 

The cruise industry is growing and The Cruise Dudes are growing along with it. 

Secondly, on this new show, we return back to the Ruby Princess and discuss the accommodations and features of the ship. We share our experiences with embarkation, our room, and the different areas where you can relax, enjoy and make the most of your time on the ship. It is a beautiful ship, and it is well maintained. You can definitely find "your place" to chill and take in the beauty of the ocean with a brisk walk around the Promenade deck or lay out at the pools on the Lido deck with cool beverage in your hand. 

Do you have a question about the Ruby Princess? Let us know and we will answer your question on a upcoming show.
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Thirdly, have you made plans for a cruise this summer? 

Don't forget, we would love for you to join us this summer for our "Cruise With The Dudes" cruise! July 17th -20th, 2016 on the Carnival Imagination! Details can be found here: www.cruisedudesevents.com

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Happy Cruising!
Tommy & Scott

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