Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Episode #69 - Alaskan Cruise Ports Part 5: Seattle, Washington

Welcome to episode #69!

Well, we are finally wrapping up the Alaskan cruise ports shows with this episode. 

Seattle, Washington can be described many ways: awesome, beautiful, funky, retro, non-conforming, exciting and intriguing. What makes this city so special for cruisers is that you can spend a few days here and come back later and see different things the next time. There is just so much to see and do. From amazing sites to taste bud delights, Seattle offers so many different experiences to explore and discover. This is one of our most favorite ports and we just scratched the surface with this show. 

Do you have a special tip or suggestion when visiting Seattle? Write or call us and we will share it on an upcoming episode. 

Check out this link to help you plan your trip to Seattle:

Also on this show, we have cruise news, theme cruise of the week, and more!

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Happy Cruising!

Tommy & Scott 

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