Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Episode #72 - Interview: Cruise Tips with Sheri from CruiseTips TV!

Welcome to episode #72!

Although Scott and I are on our family Alaskan cruise right now, we still have brand new podcast show for you!

This week we have an with interview Sheri from CruiseTips TV. Over the last two years, Sheri has been sharing her favorite cruise tips and ideas to make your next vacation a breeze. Her sharp and witty humor make the videos fun to watch and bring a smile on your face. Sheri has over 125 videos on YouTube channel and she is always available to answer your cruise questions as well. 

On this interview, we go a little bit "behind the scenes" with Sheri to learn about why her family loves cruising so much, why she she started the YouTube channel and so much more. This was a great interview and we hope you will enjoy as much as we had recording it for you. 

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Happy Cruising!

Tommy & Scott 

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