Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episode #86 - Carnival Imagination Interviews: Youth Programs, Food & Beverage Services

Welcome to episode #86!

We have a great podcast show for you today. While Scott was on the Carnival Imagination, he recorded a couple of interviews with the crew. The first interview is with Sonia who works with the Youth Programs on the cruise ship. She shares about the special programs and events that they have for the young cruisers. The second interview is with Lena & Ian who oversee the food and beverage services on board the Carnival Imagination. They share about how much they take care of their guests when it comes to eating and imbibing the gastronomic flavors aboard the ship. We hope you enjoy this show! 

Scott will be back on the Carnival Imagination November 6th-10th, 2016 for the Genealogy Journeys Cruise. For more information click here: Genealogy Journeys

Also Scott has put up more videos from his recent cruise - click here: The Cruise Dudes YouTube Channel!

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Happy Cruising!
Tommy & Scott 

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