Friday, December 16, 2016

Episode #92 - Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Cruisers!

Welcome to episode #92

We are serving up to you today another lunchcast (lunch+podcast)! We went back to Fatburger this week to record another show. Scott really enjoys it when we eat and record shows, so we might be doing even more lunchcasts in 2017. 

On this new show, we share with you some last minute gift ideas for the cruiser in your life. All of these items are things that we use, enjoy and they enhance our cruise experience. Here are links to all the items that we discussed on this episode:


Plus, we have a little cruise news, theme cruise of the week and Scott had a rant. Are you interested in that Monaco 2017 Grand Prix Cruise that we talked about? It looks like an amazing adventure! Click here!

Finally, please continue to share us with your family and friends - it really helps to expand and grow our show through word of mouth and the various social media outlets we use. We appreciate you - you are the best!

Happy Cruising!
Tommy & Scott 

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  1. Honestly, someone sounds like he's had too much eggnog. :)

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