Friday, October 20, 2017

Episode #110 - Cruising The British Isles with Dr. Kris

Welcome to episode #110!

We have a awesome treat for you! We have a fabulous interview with our friend Dr. Kris! He and his family sailed on the Caribbean Princess this summer to the British Isles with an exciting stop in Ireland. The ship has been recently remodeled so we discuss those details and got in depth stories and his thoughts about the new places, Planks and Steamers. Kris also shares his best cruise tips and tricks while visiting Ireland. There is so much cruise goodness in this show! 

We really appreciate Kris' willingness to spend the time and effort to share his experiences with us. He is definitely popular with our listeners and we always enjoy hearing his stories.

Be sure to check out his excellent cruise blog: My Cruise Course

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Tommy & Scott 

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