Thursday, July 13, 2023

Episode #198 - Norway: Land of the Midnight Sun on the Sky Princess! Part 2


Part 2! Tommy shares about all the cruise ports that he and his wife visited in Norway and Belgium. Should you always book an excursion through the cruise line or should you just roll the dice and see what you can find that day? What was the weather like in the Arctic Circle during the summer time? How does it feel to have sunlight 24 hours a day? What were the best port stops? What was the best activity? These questions were answered and so much more. Want to see more photos and video? Go to our Instagram page and follow along with this show. Norway was phenomenal in so many ways: fjords, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, wildlife, and more. The Sky Princess crew and Princess Cruises made Tommy and Lena's 40th wedding anniversary cruise was an exceptional and memorable experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy the show!

Tommy & Scott

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