Monday, October 26, 2015

Episode #47 - Double Bonus Show: Working On Cruise Ships & Cruising The Southern Caribbean

Welcome to Episode #47!

It's a double bonus show!

On this new show we interview Amanda Hathorn-Geary from Get A Life At Sea and Don Bucolo from Eat, Sleep Cruise. 

First up, Amanda worked on cruise ships for 10 years, she shares her experience and stories what it is like to work on these ships while traveling all over the world. She also tells us how she earned 4 degrees while working on board as well.  Amanda now helps prospective clients find their perfect job on a cruise ship. We are sure are going to enjoy this informative and insightful interview as much as we have.

Our next interview is no stranger to our listeners. Don just got home from a Southern Caribbean cruise on the Royal Caribbean's Adventurer of the Seas with his wife, plus his sister-in-law and mother-in-law who were first time cruisers. And they had an exciting adventure indeed:  their ship had to navigate around Tropical Storm Erica, so their itinerary changed on this cruise, and they had to make some quick decisions what to do at these unplanned ports stops. Don tells us all about what they did and how they still had a great time despite what happen.

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Amanda's Contact Info and Links Mentioned in the Interview:

Free Quiz: "Are you Ready for a Life at" Sea: 

Blog Post:  "How I earned 4 degrees in 6 years working onboard cruise ships"

New Online Course:  'Cruise Ship Jobs 101' course in Feb. 2016 which will include EVERYTHING a cruise ship job seeker needs to know regarding onboard employment. Check out the Pre-Launch Page:

Twitter: @getalifeatsea

Don's Contact Info:
Twitter: @eatsleepcruise -

We hope you enjoy these interviews! 

Tommy & Scott
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