Sunday, November 8, 2015

Episode #48 - Family Entertainment, Experiences & Activities

Welcome to Episode #48!

We are back and the holiday season is upon us. Can you believe that 2015 is almost over and 2016 is right around the corner? Incredible! 

On this new show, Scott and I discuss the family entertainment options and experiences on Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines, specifically, the licensed characters from Dr. Seuss and DreamWorks and how they incorporate the characters along with children's activities, unique spaces on the ship, with parades, shows, movies, photo opportunities, dining experiences and more. 

Carnival and Royal Caribbean are moving forward and are aggressively promoting these special interactive opportunities with these well known children's characters on board their ships. We expect to see in future advertising and marketing materials these licensed characters being used to draw potential cruise decisions. And why not?  On a cruise ship, you will have a much more intimate and quality experience than in a theme park. Undoubtedly, these experiences have huge potential for the cruise lines and we expect them to make further investments into these licensed characters with the addition of unique spaces and more on board ships in the coming years ahead. 

Also on this show we have cruise news, cruise chit chat, and our theme cruise of the week! It's an action packed show of cruising goodness, we hope you will enjoy it! Feel free to contact us and ask any questions, we will answer them on a future show. 

We appreciate our listeners and their support of our show - you are the best!

Happy Cruising!
Tommy & Scott

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