Friday, April 7, 2017

Episode #100 - Alaska: Your Cruise Questions Answered

Welcome to episode 100!

When we started the podcast back in January 2014 we could of never imagine all the neat and amazing things that have happen to us. We have to thank our listeners who have been so supportive in many different ways. 2017 has already started off with incredible growth for us, we can't wait to see what happens next!

On this new show we talk about the new development surrounding the Queen Mary in Long Beach, the remodelled Caribbean Princess, a theme cruises with Oprah and her team, and we answer some questions that were sent to us by our listeners about Alaska! 

Also, Scott was on KFI AM 640, the number one talk station in Los Angeles, on the Tim Conway, Jr. show with Mark Thompson. Scott got share about our podcast, digital magazine and more! It was so awesome! 

Here is the audio link from the show: The Cruise Dudes on KFI! 

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Thank you for listening and sharing our show with your family and friends - we really appreciate all of your support of our podcast!

Happy Cruising!

Tommy & Scott 

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