Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Episode #101 - The Inside Scoop on Cruise Ports with Bob Haefliger of CruisePortInsider.com

Welcome to episode #101!

We have an great interview for you on this new episode with Bob Haefliger of CruisePortInsider.com. He is a prolific cruise travel writer, that has the latest information covering over 40 cruise ports on his website and his 25 eBooks. For over 30 years, Bob has traveled the entire world twice, visiting over 70 countries. His knowledge, experience and insight into cruise ports and the cruising lifestyle is vast and is very helpful to anyone wondering how they can get the most out a cruise port visit. 

Check out all of Bob's eBooks here: Cruise Port Insider Guides

You can also find Bob on social media here:

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Happy Cruising!

Tommy & Scott 

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